About Us

Welcome to the world of 360 Degree Learning. The all en-compassing training aims the overall persona of an individual, transforming him into an exceptional individual in the professional and personal wakes of life.

Our Purpose

In today’s corporate world, every organisation is crossing swords with burn outs, retrenchments, decreasing efficiency, employee retention, low morale, etc. amongst a score of “problems”. Consegquently, stress and lack of motivation is expected. A loss in productivity of an organisation and employee is INEVITABLE !

However, every problem, no matter how big or small has a solution.

Turns out, in this case.

We are the Solution

Through OLR training programmes, you will gain tools that PROPEL individuals, groups, and start to greater heights than ever before!

The training is experiential giving you time to “participate” and learn.

This training environment enables greater learning, allowing you to incorporate leadership concept back home with ease.

Our sole focus is on your Success!

OLR - Outdoor Learning Resources

OLR is a one-of-a-kind experiential training in India.

We use a strategic duo of challenging activities and wilderness to install skills that are otherwise overlooked or missed in the corporate setup. Experiential learning techniques are powerful enough to draw out the true potential of an individual, group or even an entire organization.

Through OLR, we help you discover the right path for you and then hand you the tools for your journey to radical positive enhancement.

Welcome to the world of experiential learning...