Programme for Corporate

At OLR we create a learning environment that promotes the development of skills in the areas of :

  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision-making Skills
  • Conflict and Ego Resolution
  • Time and Stress Management

The aim of all OLR programmes is to maximize learning with powerful and highly memorable experiences,which act as triggers for ongoing awareness and application of skills.

NLP Modules for Corporate

NLP and Sales

  • Developing deep rapport and commitment with clients
  • The NLP sales process
  • Linking clients’ deep unconscious values to benefits of your product
  • How to close to suit different personality styles

NLP and Marketing

  • Writing advertising copy that includes all representational systems (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)
  • Using language that inspires action
  • Using language that captures the attention of a wide audience

NLP and Negotiation

  • Reading the para-messages of voice tone and body language that carry a hidden insight into the words
  • Being able to detect and understand the significance of minimal shifts in peoples voice tone and body language
  • Using your own non verbal communication to be more influential
  • Using hypnotic style persuasive language to get and maintain agreements


  • Understanding the profiles of team members
  • Utilizing and building on strengths and differences in the personalities in team
  • Creating strong feedback within team situations
  • Defining a team vision or purpose
  • Tasking clients to stimulate the processes you are working on with the client
  • The structure of effective feedback
  • Setting up the client with an internal system to be their own coaches


  • Developing a leadership style
  • Communicating as a leader
  • Being able to motivate teams and individuals
  • Developing self congruency as leader – ‘walking the talk’