Amitanand G Neema

Program Manager, Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd

OLR offers an invaluable experiential learning, packaged with a passion for nature and adventure. The team games at the Safari Activity Park are safe and creative designed to motivate the participants to shed fear, build trust and bring out their best. Our team members enjoyed every moment of the training! Even beyond work, OLR provides an amicable platform to cherish nature along with family and friends.

Tarun Kathal

TM Prepaid Idea Cellular Limited

It was a very nice experience. I really enjoyed Mr. Jain's workshop and the way he used to motivate us for the tasks. There were many exciting and unique individual and group tasks. I would love to be a part of this workshop again.

Nakul Mahajan

Gabriel India Limited

This was a good systematic & formulated training programme conducted outside cosy rooms. We learned new team-building techniques, got involved in brainstorming & also performed challenging physical tasks. Several activities organized here helped us a lot to improve individual and team-based coordination in professional and personal life.

Prajakta Gaidhani

PT Nasik

The Outbond workshop taught us the importance of team work, group efforts and many other similar concepts for personal as well as organizational growth. We will definitely try to eliminate all the drawbacks and weaknesses that came in our way while performing team work. We will share more ideas and opinions with our team members so as to deliver the best results. We thank OLR for showing us the way.

K.C. Patidar

Eicher Motors

It's a wonderful workshop. The 2-day workshop including night halt was really exciting. We had a lot of fun and learned new things. We learned how to create a good team, take care of all the members as well as the weak link and lots more. The treasure Hunt was very exciting. It was physically challenging and also helped us to realize our strength as a team and the fact that for every action to succeed, good communication among the team is essential Overall, a great experience. I recommend this workshop to every corporate."

Chintan Joshi

Proton Business School

Wow! A great place to be. Lots of learning combined with fun. We had a wonderful experience during this training. We began with standing up together - a great activity exhibiting team-spirit. Then, there were lots of challenges & tasks that brought the best out of me and our team. Finally, the boat-building task was really awesome. It showed me the importance of a team. Way to go, OLR!